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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wedding Photos, Below Ground

Wedding pic, nyc
Photo by myself on the Atlantic/Pacific subway platform, in Brooklyn.

An attractive young couple posed for their wedding photos in perhaps the most unromantic place possible, on a New York subway platform. The bride wore a gorgeous gown, its bright white hem brushing the grubby floor tiles. Ick.

I took this photo last night (Wednesday). This was a strange sight to the late rush hour crowd, making their journey home.

This is a very busy station in Brooklyn, where many subway lines cross one another. Many commuters stop here to change trains. The couple's photographer was standing somewhere behind me, to the right.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Paste-Ups on Bowery, in the East Village

graffiti, nyc
Photo by myself, around Houston Street and Bowery, in the East Village.

A couple paste ups on Houston Street found inspiration in McDonald's - something about food and celebrity and New York eating you alive. (That's Kanye West and Angelina Jolie in the poster on the right). Hm.

It was a busy, sunny day and there were tons of people were walking about. Looking at my photos later, I noticed that there must have been a guitar convention going on, because several people carrying guitar cases walked by in the span of a minute. How strange.

graffiti, nyc

graffiti, nyc

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Monday, July 7, 2014

On Shore Leave, in Midtown

Sailors a-shopping, nyc
Photo by myself around Fifth Avenue and 38th Street, in Midtown.

Much of Manhattan is inward-looking (in more ways that one), so it's sometimes hard to remember that it is an island and one that is visited by ships!

Above, two sailors in uniform looked through some postcards on the sidewalk. I took this recently, that is, not around Memorial Day weekend, when we are visited by many ships. During that time of year, we see many, many sailors in their white uniforms walking around, enjoying themselves.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Billionaire's Row, Above Central Park South

Above Central Park, nyc
Photo by myself, around 67th Street and Fifth Avenue on the Upper East Side.

High above Central Park, around the 20th Floor, you can see quite a bit of Central Park South. Whew, it's a long way down. I was at this location helping a friend measure parts his apartment project.

The square-ish white building to the left is the Plaza Hotel, located at the south east corner of the park. On the far right, the twin glass towers comprise One Central Park, at the south west corner of the park.

The super tall, glass modern building standing at the midpoint was erected only recently, and houses some extremely posh condominium apartments as well as the hotel Park Hyatt. Called 'One 57', for its addresss at One West 57th Street, it is 90 stories high, which is gigantic compared to its pre-war neighbors.

'One 57' is the first in a series of tall towers planned for 57th Street, which is also called 'Billionaire's Row'. These towers will have a crazy view of Central Park, and will make a serious impact to the city as we know it.

The interiors at One 57 are super modern, and apartments cost as much as $30 million.
For more about the building, check out a New York Times article here.
For the building's snazzy website, click here.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peeping in to the Desigual Store, on Sixth Avenue

Desigual, nyc
Photo by myself around 35th Street and Sixth Avenue.

A large mural on the side of the Desigual store in Midtown has a sense of humor - a colorful graphic is unzipped, to reveal the building's insides. Some of the scantily clad residents are shown disrobing and...other things, ha.

Billboards and large scale murals are common in certain parts of Manhattan. One must take care not to get distracted and walk into traffic.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mighty Balls, at Broadway Bites, in Midtown

Mighty balls, nyc
Photo by myself, around 35th Street and Broadway, in Midtown.

Ah yes. You can get Mighty Balls. To eat.

Now through August 1st, shoppers and visitors near Herald Square can nosh on delicious little dishes representing all sorts of cuisines, and take a break from all that tiring shopping. Lol.

During a quick little tour, I spotted street noodles from Hong Kong, tacos, high end cannolis, gelato, and of course, mighty little meatballs with esoteric sauces. Foodies should skip the shopping altogether and just snack, for goodness sake.

The whole thing is arranged by a group called Broadway Bites. They take a break around Labor day and there is another installment for most of November.

For the Broadway Bites site, including photos and scrumptious vendor list, click here.

Hong Kong street food, nyc

Brooklyn Bites, nyc
Not easy to choose from all the deliciousness.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Framing the View, up Broadway

Rubber Art, nyc
Photo by myself around 36th Street and Broadway, in Midtown.

Several large scale sculptures by the artist Chakaia Booker stand along a stretch of Broadway, in Midtown.

These large, black sculptures are made of recycled rubber from tires. The pieces are woven, tacked and/or tied together to make huge, looming structures that evoke scales, feathers and other natural materials.

Above, one sculpture frames the view north, up Broadway. What look like tentacles seem to make the artwork come to life. The sculptures will remain for view through November.

For more about the artist, including images of all five sculptures that comprise 'The Sentinels' series, click here.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Shuffleboard at the Royal Palms, in Brooklyn

Royal Palms, Brooklyn
Photo by myself, at the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club, in Gowanus Brooklyn.

What looks to be a swanky bar in Brooklyn is actually a swanky bar with shuffleboard courts and old-timey style. Who would think that shuffleboard would be making its comeback? Several games were in full swing, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club opened earlier this year and is located in a huge space on Union Street. This has been the perfect venue for many a large office party.

Royal Palms, Brooklyn

For the Royal Palms website, click here.
For an article about their opening in the Times, click here.

Sorry for the huge absence!! It is hard to believe this is the fourth post this year, and we're already into June?! How can that be? I blame everything on work, which has been more super busy and stressful as usual. Alas!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Moment, in Koreatown

32nd Street, NYC
Photo by myself, on 32nd Street and Sixth Avenue, in Koreatown.

No, not a shot from Asia, but a moment in Koreatown on 32nd Street.

Koreatown is found within a few blocks in this area of Midtown. Signage for restaurants, karaoke bars, grocery stores and barbershops float well above street level.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Street Scene, in Chelsea

25th and 10th
Photo by myself, around 25th Street and 10th Avenue in Chelsea.

There weren't any live people on the street the other day in Chelsea, but there were plenty of painted ones. Above, a huge mural depicting a street scene. The streetcar shows a 1945 date the destination of Times Square.

The tall building on the left is typical of some of the older buildings in Chelsea - enormous and brick.

We've finally had glimmers of Spring here! Hurrah! We had so many more grey, lifeless days than usual this year.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Streaming Sunshine, in Soho

On Broadway, nyc
Photo by myself on Broadway, in Soho.

A photo from an earlier, sunnier and warmer time.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On Storefronts and Finding Vivian Maier

Lucky 777, nyc
Photo by myself on Macdougal Street, in the Village.

The insides and outsides of the little chili shop drew my attention. Lucky 777 was as red as red can be.

I took this photo last summer. After a quick search though, I found that Lucky 777 has closed (!). It had mixed reviews on Yelp. Some of the complaints were price driven - $9 bowls of chili. Alas.

On another front, there is a great little slideshow on the New Yorker website, featuring candids by Vivian Maier, who lived in Chicago in the 1960's. Born in New York, Maier worked as a nanny but took incredibly striking street photos and movies in her spare time.

Maier's work was discovered by a man doing research for a book he was writing. She had left some 100,000 negatives behind. Not even her close friends knew that she took photos, during her lifetime.

The story of uncovering the mystery of this supremely talented woman is documented in a recent movie called 'Finding Vivian Maier'. It looks fascinating, and includes interviews with her friends and children she had helped raise.

Screenings of this documentary are scheduled through August, throughout the States.

For a preview of this movie, click here.
For the Vivian Maier slideshow on the New Yorker website, click here.
For a recent article on Slate, click here.

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