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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunny Skies, in Santa Monica

Photo by myself on Ocean Avenue, in Santa Monica, California.

The weather in California has been incredible as usual, with brightly sunny skies, breezy winds and temperatures in the high 70's (about 26 Celsius).

We've been spending the past week here visiting family. It's been a wonderful break from the long winter in the northeast. There are palm trees along the roads, which still takes me some getting used to.

Even though the vegetation here is incredible, California has been going through one of its worst droughts. The state is rumored to run out of water a year from now.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Colorful Ships, on Sixth Avenue

Pop up cards, nyc
Photo by myself, around 25th Street and Sixth Avenue, in Chelsea.

A fleet of tiny three-dimensional schooners in various bright colors were on display in Chelsea, Sunday afternoon.

There were ferris wheels and fancy buildings, too, all in intricate detail. I cannot imagine what holds each of these precious creations together. Each one is glued to a card and pops up when the card is opened.

Wayne, a street vendor, told me he has a table on 40th Street and Madison Avenue in Midtown every weekday. He was working this weekend because the weather was so nice. We've had so many snow days recently, and such delicate items can't be subjected to bad weather.

Wayne referred me to the pop up card website, where you can see all their products. Check out their other items, from Big Ben to merry-go-rounds to butterflies, at www.popupcardny.com.

Wayne, Street vendor
Wayne, a street vendor, was kind enough to pose for me. He apologized, saying that he was not photogenic, but I disagree. Thank you Wayne!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fire, in Park Slope Brooklyn

Fire, Park Slope
Photo by myself, in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A fire occurred next door to our apartment building not long ago. Firemen took a ladder up to the roof and broke through a rear window to get inside. They also took a chain saw to parts of the roof.

Mark and I stood watched the whole thing from our apartment and were amazed that the firemen walked around on the roof without any fear of falling through. (I would have been a quivering mess).

Brooklyn is a densely settled area, and any fire has the chance to spread very easily. The owner was home at the time and escaped unharmed.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Waiting, in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Photo by myself in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

A little dog waited patiently outside a neighborhood cafe for his owner.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Smushed, on the Subway

Subway, Winter 2015
Photo by myself on the subway.

I'm sure we're not alone here, but it's been sooooooo cold..... this past weekend, especially, we had very low temps and brisk winds.

Of course, since we walk everywhere, people totter down the sidewalks wearing big furry hoods, and ear flaps and scarves wrapped around their heads, and clunky boots. Then they get on the subway and take out their reading materials (or tablets or phones or whatnot) from their large bags or backpacks.

Suddenly, there is even less room than usual.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snowfall, in Midtown

Snow, nyc
Photo by myself in Midtown.

Warnings of the impending blizzard was all over the news this weekend. By 5pm yesterday, snow flurries had been coming down for several hours. People were leaving work early and a long line had formed at the bus stop.

Most stores were closed by this point, and there were rumors of the subway shutting down, too.

Nature is not our friend, in New York. Every time there is a large rain or snow storm, the subways get messed up.

Update: Here in Brooklyn, we got about 8-inches or so. My office, like many others, closed for the day. Hooray!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

On Skates, in Bryant Park

Bryant Park, nyc
Photo by myself in Bryant Park, around 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue in Midtown.

What better exercise than skating around, with the Empire State Building in the background?

The outdoor rink in Bryant Park is open free to the public 8am-10pm every day, until March 1st. All you need to bring are your skates and fancy footwork.

Yes, it is kind of cold here, but it's not so terrible. People walk around in hats and scarves and long underwear, while knowing that in the grand scheme of things, 'it is not so bad'. That is, we're not suffering through hail, piles of snow or bitter winds. It could be worse.

For the Bryant Park ice rink website, click here.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Portrait of an Artist, on the Ride Home

Artist, nyc
Photo by myself below ground.

On a recent ride home, I spotted a young woman drawing diligently in a sketchbook. From where I sat, it looked to be an array of very detailed serpents.

It was late, much too late to be so focused after a long day of work. I learned that she is a textile designer and uses the ride home to escape the computer screen. 'Drawing by hand, you learn not to be so precious,' she told me, as the train lurched to one side.

She was so kind to pose for a photo. Alas, I regret not asking her name!

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The Portrait Series is a once-in-a-while installment, featuring New Yorkers encountered on the street.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Signs Galore, 32nd Street

32nd Street, nyc
Photo by myself, on 32nd Street and Fifth Avenue in Koreatown.

A very belated Happy New Year from the city! I hope everyone is warm, or at least, warmer than we are. :-)

I was out on lunch break the other day and snapped a photo in Koreatown, the smallest of neighborhoods with the most possible number of signs.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Morning Commute and a Rupert Update

N Train, nyc
Photo by myself, on the N Train.

Here we are in the midst of Fall, all bundled in light jackets and jeans. People were immersed in their apps and knitting and books, on the way into work.

Apologies for the spotty attendance. It's been very busy!

Meanwhile, here are a couple shots from a playdate Rupert had with a neighboring girl dog named Roxy. There were a lot of sidelong looks and waggling tongues. Rupert has been doing great. He is enjoying his favorite things - playing ball, taking long walks and snacking on chicken treats.

Rupert and Roxy
Roxy, in the red halter, gives Rupert a look.

Rupert and Roxy
Another look, haha.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Dusk, on West End Avenue

West End Ave, nyc
Photo by myself around 77th Street and West End Avenue, on the Upper West Side.

Just a snapshot from West End Avenue. Tall, mostly pre-war apartment buildings line both sides of the street.

Like the buildings on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue, almost all these apartment buildings have doormen. I've never seen a female doorman, by the way, so the term 'doorman' makes sense. Or you could call them 'porters'.

All the doormen I've met are super nice. They are helpful and genuinely caring people. They say hello to everybody coming and going. They know all the kids and all the dogs. At one building I watched a doorman carry an elderly woman down a short flight of stairs, because she was having trouble walking.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

On Eighth Avenue, on the West Side

On Eighth Ave
Photo by myself on Eighth Avenue around 39th Street.

You'd be surprised how homely some blocks still are, in New York.

Eighth Avenue is still decidedly un-fancy. There are x-rated video stores and peep shows still, some stores selling inexpensive clothing and pizza joints.

Up ahead on the left, is the hulking Port Authority Terminal, with gigantic green trusses on all sides. Buses leave there for New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and upstate New York.

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